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Does the sexual connection seem lost?  Has the passion died down?  Worried your partner isn’t into you anymore?

To strengthen your love, intimacy, fidelity and make romance flourish again you have to USE "COME TO ME" so you can experience a New and very exciting Honeymoon.

To ignite that spark in your relationship follow this ritual:

Every night for 7 nights use COME TO ME” candle.  This begins the intimacy healing.  Also on day one use “COME TO ME" soap.  On day 2 use our very powerful rose honey “VEN A MI OR COME TO ME” spray.  For the next 6 nights alternate using the soap and the spray.

When you finish them, entwine the roses (Amulets contained in these products) wrap them in a red handkerchief or rag.  Keep the amulet in your underwear OR your underwear drawer.

With this "COME TO ME" ritual your love will strengthen and your kisses will be burning wild with passion because this union is now already intertwined.

You will need the following 3 products

Come to me Candle             Come to me Soap           Ven a Mi, Come to me Perfume

All of these amazing products can be found by clicking here:

http://www.pajaromacua.com/search.php?search_query=spray+come+to+me&x=0&y=0) AND http://www.pajaromacua.com/ven-a-mi-perfume



For 40 years we has provided the spiritual and heavenly energies of the Pajaro Macua Nest. This powerful family secret has been handed down from generation to generation. Now, for over 15 years these spiritual energies have been in the capable hands of Madame Claudet. With her relentless research she continues to improve on the family secrets surrounding the Pajaro Macua energies to provide new products that offer protection, inspiration, health, money, love and help to all those that seek her wisdom. When you purchase from PAJAROMACUA.COM you can be sure that Madame Claudet oversees all the manufacturing to make sure of its continued accuracy to tradition. To visit the website, go to www.pajaromacua.com